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Singing in the Rain

The experiencedna crew have enjoyed a busy start to 2009. We have recently delivered a major consumer experience for the Good Vibrations festivals across Australia. Now, you can pretty much guarantee good weather in the summer, but not this year! So much rain, we had to grow fins. Notwithstanding the unbelievable weather, we took the […]


June Sounds

OK – more music to dent the pocket. In my spare time I am singer and box player for the Wheeze and Suck Band (www.wheezeandsuck.com) and we play contemporary songs and tunes, and also a contemporary take on traditional material. If you are of a like mind, you must check out ‘The Imagined Village’, by […]


New Vibrations

Either listening or playing, music is a constant inspiration in my life. My last music recommendations are still worth following up,(see earlier blog) but here are some new faves which are trés cool. For a fabulous ‘World Music/Reggae’ album, ‘Dub Colossus in a Town Called Addis’ is currently monopolising my iPod. Think Dub Reggae meets […]


Useful Air

Currently my fave option for environments for brand promotion or exhibition space is the ‘inflatable’. And we are not talking ‘bouncy – castles here. Really, inflatable environments are cool creative spaces that feel light and airy when you are inside them, and offer  a terrific, more engaging  alternative to the marquee. I love that sense […]