Singing in the Rain

The experiencedna crew have enjoyed a busy start to 2009. We have recently delivered a major consumer experience for the Good Vibrations festivals across Australia. Now, you can pretty much guarantee good weather in the summer, but not this year! So much rain, we had to grow fins. Notwithstanding the unbelievable weather, we took the situation by the throat and delivered a truly memorable experience for a major sponsor of Good Vibrations. The decision to go ‘outdoor’ in any situation accepts a degree of weather risk, and in this case there was no choice of course. 

The creation of an inflatable solution delivered on every level. It was a unique venue; it was visually standout; it was fully enclosed and therefor weatherproof; it presented a memorable brand experience that beautifully represented the sponsor’s brand DNA. However, it also brought our the very best from our team, and our client’s brand was really ‘singing in the rain’.

With the venue depending upon a reliable power source to keep it inflated, imagine our reaction when the generator started tripping and cutting off the fans.

We had safety measures in place to ensure that the structure did not collapse, but we also had to montor the genny while we organised a switch over to a new unit. Guess who volunteered to weather the continual downpour outside and ensure there was a safe transfer of power? Well, actually, in doing so I also had the box seat to watch the Presets on stage (see picture). Not elegant I know, but when duty calls. And the Presets rocked.

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