Say Something Well Or Not At All

Corporate Events is a terrific branch of the live event industry. Live events are always a communications exercise, however well-hidden that communication is. There is rarely an event occasion, from sponsorship and other brand events through to annual general meetings and internal events, when a client doesn’t wish to communicate a message of some kind, even if it is simply a ‘thank you’ for doing a great job. ‘We can’t be seen to be spending too much on the event’ is a statement that haunts me whenever Roger and I receive an event brief, or when a client decides, under budget or business pressures, to ‘do it ourselves in house’.

Now, why would you? If your business expertise is in the, say property industry, why would you spend, say, 100K to produce an innefectual communication badly, when you could spend 120K and actually get a result? To put it another way, why throw 100K away on a failed communication, when 120K can be a really sound communication investment yielding tangible results? Surely the former is ‘…spending too much…’ I would say 100K too much rather than 20K ditto. 

Enthusiasm is a powerful positive force in business. If we could package the stuff we would be millionaires. That is what is so great about live events. Every brief is an opportunity to do something different, something engaging, and do it well 

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