Jager Inflatable at V Fest.

In complete contrast to the rainsoaked experience of Good Vibrations in Sydney, our Jagermeister music activation at V Fest was a gloriously relaxed day of sun, sounds and fun all round. Our venue manager Paul had everything set by early Saturday morning, which left him time to buy the first nutty boy T shirt at the merchandise stand. Jagermeister had offered Paul a ‘small’ Jager T shirt to wear around the inflatable venue but in the interests of public decency he had politely declined! At $40 as pop I declined the chance to buy a similar Madness memento. 

Standing in front of the main stage in anticipation of some great music, I inadvertantly made new friends, and bonded with old friends. The great thing was that I only had to look over my shoulder to see that the inflatable venue was ‘going off’ as they say. The question that occupies my mind is this – when the music kicks in, and everyone starts to move, what in hell are the girls pointing at in the sky with their spare hand? (the other hand invariably wrapped around a drink). Answers on a $50 note please. Perhaps they are saying ‘big brother is watching you’. There was certainly a lot of police in both uniform and cunningly disguised as ‘cool dudes’. Anyway, the Jagermeister tent stayed packed until shut down, and it only took an hour to get back to Avalon. A good day at the office! 

The music highlights were; Duffy (great voice but a bit amateurish as a performer dai); Elbow (terriffic, moody etc.), Madness (my knees still hurt!) and possibly the best song-band in the world, the Kaiser Chiefs.

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