Fortress Canary to The Horrors.

OK OK – it has been a while. I have excuses though. A working trip back to the UK and lots of events to deliver back in Sydney on my return.

London was fantastic as always. My favorite city.I was shooting interviews in Fortress Canary Wharf. It was the week that Jacko popped his cloggs and O2 arena had a forlorn look about it from the 29th floor (see picture.).Anyway, whilst I was there I visited the Hayward Gallery on the south bank of the Thames, and what a great place it is in the summer. I particularly wanted to visit an exhibition titled”Walking In My Mind’ because of a review of an installation by Yayoi Kusama. I always keep an eye on the serious art world, for inspiration.

Kusama’s thing this time is red and white polka dots, and her showdidn’t disappoint. Outside the gallery, by the side of the Thames, even the trees had been decorated. She uses mirrored walls to create spacial effects and her work also inhabits the immediate outdoor vicinity of the gallery.    

Whilst I am talking about the outside of the gallery. I must mention the great aerosol art space that hase been wisely allowed to exist by the authorities.
What could be a grey dark unfriendly area has become a splash of colour and creativity.
Another great installation in the WIMM show was by Charles Avery. 

He creates drawings and three dimensional pieces, based upon a fictional island of his imagination. I especially enjoyed his ‘Cult of the Gulls’ cabinet on the gallery roof. He utilised that old trick of the infinity mirrorto great effect.
Musically, I danced with my nephew’s morris side at Cornbury festival, and caught up with new and old friends whilst listening to Chrissie Hynde and The Peatbog Feairies (I kid you not).

My friends included Bhudda and the Pests, Nick and Annette from The Mighty Redox, and the Silver Fox to name but a few. I also drank too much Hobgoblin but that’s another story.My partner at experiencedna, Roger, linked me up with his old business partner at The Event Business who was sponsoring a VIP space at Cornbury for their clients. What a great PR idea. We had a quick chat and another pint of the aformentioned HG and after that the evening faded into confusion. 

Music tips? This month I have give a shout out to The Horrors ‘Primary Colours’ (sort of Cure meets the Comsat Angels), and the Pet Shop Boys ‘Yes’ album. Retro wise I discovered a rare album by Black Widow, which sends me back to a much younger time in my life, and my ever increasing Soul / RnB collection was boosted by the Best of the Staples Singers, and ditto Don Covay. One Jimi Hendrix played the intro solo on Covay’s ‘Have Mercy’ – bet you didn’t know that did ya!

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