June Sounds

OK – more music to dent the pocket.
In my spare time I am singer and box player for the Wheeze and Suck Band (www.wheezeandsuck.com) and we play contemporary songs and tunes, and also a contemporary take on traditional material. If you are of a like mind, you must check out ‘The Imagined Village’, by various artists but principally Trans Global Underground, Simon Emmerson of AfroCelt Sound System , Sheila Chandra, Eliza Carthy and Billy Bragg. The music is rooted in tradition, but follows a very contemporary set of themes and is possibly one of the all time greats. Highly recommended¬†¬†

Next off the block, are one of the stars of V Fest 09 – Madness. Their latest album, The Liberty of Norton Folgate, is a concept recording about London, my favourite city bar none. Well, the beer is warm. Anywhichways, this record is a massive return to form for Suggsy and co. Everything you might like about Madness is there; a hint of Ska, a touch of Music Hall, a tickle of great ‘slice of life’ storytelling; but now with something approaching a Sgt.Pepper approach to recording. Changes of tempo, lots of sampled voices, and vari-speed instrumentation. Brilliant. The title track is a really nice trip into the psyche of the city, honest guv!

And finally, my formative years were spent floating through a paisley-pink cloud of psychedelic music, so it does me no end of good to discover great contemporary examples of the genre. 
Kick back and float off with Wooden Shjips (not a spelling error by the way), a great raga rock band alongside Black Mountain and Oakly Hall. Totally indulgent guitar / organ freak-outs that wouldn’t have been out of place at the Filmore West in 1966. Trust me kiddies…tasty!

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