Useful Air

Currently my fave option for environments for brand promotion or exhibition space is the ‘inflatable’. And we are not talking ‘bouncy – castles here. Really, inflatable environments are cool creative spaces that feel light and airy when you are inside them, and offer  a terrific, more engaging  alternative to the marquee. I love that sense that they are both temporary yet substantial structures.They can be erected inside a venue or outdoors. Inflatables are weatherproof, structurally sound and come in standard geometric shapes, or even better, can be made to a specific design. Couturiers in Europe have used them for fashionshows and famous marques have used them at car shows. These structures come in all sizes, so the possibilities are endless. The products are available for hire in Australia, and experiencedna has a great regional source for building to a specific design at an affordable cost.

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