June Sounds

OK – more music to dent the pocket. In my spare time I am singer and box player for the Wheeze and Suck Band (www.wheezeandsuck.com) and we play contemporary songs and tunes, and also a contemporary take on traditional material. If you are of a like mind, you must check out ‘The Imagined Village’, by […]


New Vibrations

Either listening or playing, music is a constant inspiration in my life. My last music recommendations are still worth following up,(see earlier blog) but here are some new faves which are trés cool. For a fabulous ‘World Music/Reggae’ album, ‘Dub Colossus in a Town Called Addis’ is currently monopolising my iPod. Think Dub Reggae meets […]


Useful Air

Currently my fave option for environments for brand promotion or exhibition space is the ‘inflatable’. And we are not talking ‘bouncy – castles here. Really, inflatable environments are cool creative spaces that feel light and airy when you are inside them, and offer  a terrific, more engaging  alternative to the marquee. I love that sense […]